What is La Pizza Week?

La Pizza Week is a week-long festival that celebrates the best pizza in Canada. La Pizza Week is an interactive national community festival that connects people to your restaurant.
Our mission is to help restaurant businesses increase their sales and awareness through our festivals.
Restaurants across the country are asked to create a special pizza for the week of La Pizza Week. Participants engage with the festival by visiting or ordering from participating restaurants and trying delicious pizzas, sharing their experiences on social media, and voting using our dedicated website. Restaurants benefit from our festivals by increasing their sales, meeting new customers and having fun with the popularity of the event on social media and more.
Our festivals have engaged over 1,000 restaurants and over 500,000 people a year.

How much is La Pizza Week?

$250 + taxes 

Where is La Pizza Week?

La Pizza Week is a restaurant festival across Canada. People will visit or order from your restaurant. We help get people to your restaurant, ordering for take-out and delivery.

Important Dates!

  • Last day to register to La Pizza Week: April 15, 2023
  • Last day to send in Pizza information (name, description, photo, price): April 15, 2023
  • La Pizza Week: May 1-14 2023

What do I get from La Pizza Week?

As a restaurant partner, you will receive our team’s unwavering support to help you gain awareness and sales.

  • Listed as an official restaurant of La Pizza Week on our website
  • Part of the general marketing campaign for the festival

No Pizza? No problem.

Why not add a pizza on your menu for La Pizza Week?

When is La Pizza Week?

May 1 to 14.